The Commissions and Committees of St. Andrew’s Church

Fellowship Commission

This Commission is responsible for maintaining and enhancing the fellowship ministry of the parish. It is responsible for coffee hours, special receptions such as for funerals, for special events such as the parish picnic and Twelfth Night party, and for developing new fellowship opportunities within the parish.

Music Committee
Steve Van Ness & Jaime Polk, Co-Chairs

This Committee is responsible for coordinating music activities at St. Andrew's. Duties include working with the pastor to identify, procure, and make music materials available to the instrumental and chorus members for services. The Committee also oversees the selection of choir and organ leaders as well as encourages participation of the congregation in musical events.

Green Church Committee
Brenda Naegel, Chairperson

The St. Andrew's environmental steering committee has defined goals for greening the church, the community, and our homes as well as the application of eco-spirituality in our lives. These "Green Church" goals, based on our faith principles, include: expanding our understanding of how to respond to urgent environmental issues, creating an environmental stewardship model that will distinguish St. Andrew's in the community, and, through this ministry, reaching out to the world beyond our walls to demonstrate environmental leadership.

Outreach Commission
Laura Downes, John Armstrong

This Commission oversees the outreach activities of the parish in the community, the nation and the world. Current outreach ministries include St. Andrew's Cares, Madison/Guilford CROP Walk, Madison Meals on Wheels, Covenant to Care, Food Bank collections, Habitat for Humanity/Raise the Roof and many others. Visit the Outreach page for information about the Commission's vision, mission, actions, processes, and guiding principles.

Uganda Mission

This group helps carry out our newest outreach mission. With so many in need throughout the world, an uncharted path has been opened for the parish to bring God's love to the suffering. Remembering St. Andrew's mission statement, "To deepen faith and transform the world as Christ calls us..." we are off to a great start with the Uganda Mission. Focusing on the support of orphans--including those at The Chain Foundation Orphanage in the Mukono district--is transforming not only the lives of children in need, but ours as well.

H.O.M.E. Youth Mission Trip
Mary Merkle-Scotland, Youth Minister

H.O.M.E (Homeworkers Organized for More Employment) in Orland ME was established in 1970. It has evolved into a small community offering jobs, food, education, temporary shelter, and home ownership for people and families in need. Our Youth Group spends a week of their summer doing tasks at H.O.M.E. including building and repairing houses, logging, wood chopping, and farm work. It is an important experience made possible by the generosity of the church our fund raising efforts. Each year the youth look forward to returning to H.O.M.E. in Maine.

Madison Cares/Habitat for Humanity

This group organized St. Andrew's workdays at the New Haven building site in 2008. About a dozen parishioners participated during the year. A special construction day also took place as a demonstration on the Madison Green in September and received strong parishioner support. The completed wall units were trucked to the New Haven site for incorporation in the build.

Pastoral Care Commission
Susan Miller, John Armstrong

This Commission is responsible for coordinating our various lay pastoral care programs and developing new ones. These ministries supplement the pastoral care provided by the clergy. Current programs include the following: St. Andrew's Shepherds, a group of trained parishioners who are available to provide one-on-one pastoral care to individuals in times of difficulty; Loaves and Fishes, a ministry that provides meals to parishioners in times of pastoral emergency; the Prayer Chain, a group of parishioners who pray for people at the request of the clergy or other parishioners; the Prayer Shawl Ministry, a group of parishioners who knit shawls for individuals who are ill or convalescing; Lay Eucharistic Ministers, parishioners who are licensed to take Holy Communion to those who are homebound or in nursing homes or other institutional settings.

Stewardship Committee
Helen Kitzman, Kristen Garnett, Rebecca Rastetter, Laura Downes, John Armstrong

This Committee is responsible for advancing the congregation's understanding of the theology and spirituality of generous giving in grateful response to God's blessings. There is an annual campaign for pledge commitments from all parishioners that gives everyone the opportunity to engage in generous giving and that provides the bulk of the financial resources to carry out the mission and ministries of the parish. There is also the St. Andrew's Legacy Society that recognizes parishioners who have provided for the church in their wills or other estate planning mechanisms.

Welcoming Commission
Kristen Garnett and Colleen McHugh, Co-Chairpersons

This Commission is responsible for identifying, welcoming and incorporating newcomers into the life of the parish. The Commission develops materials and programs for newcomers, and recruits and trains greeters and visitors. The Commission also will be developing ways of reaching out to potential newcomers.

Buildings and Grounds Committee
Gary Cimmino, Chairperson

This Committee is responsible for maintaining the St. Andrew's campus and through the work of volunteers, contractors and the sexton. The Committee periodically surveys the property, prioritizes maintenance, repairs and enhancements, estimates the cost of such work, and determines the most appropriate way of performing the work.

Endowment Committee
Ray Hencir, Chairperson

This Committee manages the parish Endowment Fund on behalf of the Vestry.