Adult Christian Education

St. Andrew's is pleased to present a wonderful selection of adult Christian education opportunities. Our goal is to offer several ways in which the Word of God speaking through Scripture, fellowship, and Christian spiritual practice can feed everyone.

Why attend Christian education?

Opportunities for Adult Learning

At St. Andrew's we have a strong program of Christian education for adults that stresses not only learning but also fun and fellowship. In addition, there are many evening series throughout the year, including programs in Advent and Lent.  We like to vary what we offer, from programs to help newcomers feel more at home, to programs featuring exploration of Holy Scripture or adult spirituality issues.

This year we are providing a rotating schedule for our adult forums that repeat each month. Please join us every Sunday morning at 9:30 am in Farmer Hall for coffee hour and conversation.

1st Sunday - Theological, faith, worship and religious issues. Anyone may raise a question within any of these topics and we will have a discussion about them.
2nd Sunday - St. Andrew's Town Hall style meeting. We will be discussing any and all issues surrounding our parish community. Come and hear what is happening or being planned. Ask questions of your priest and vestry members, this is an easy and fun way to find out what is going on in our congregation.
3rd Sunday - Outreach is the topic of this day. We will have general discussions of outreach opportunities for us to participate in, please bring your ideas. We may also have people from outside the parish come in and speak about outreach ministry that they are involved with.
4th Sunday - Diocesan happenings. This conversation will bring us up to speed on what is happening in our larger Episcopal Church in Connecticut and we will explore ways that we may be active in our diocese.
5th Sunday - When there is a fifth Sunday in the month we will take a break and not schedule anything during coffee hour on that day.