It is very easy to make a generous commitment to support St. Andrew's by making an annual estimate of giving. There are three easy steps.

1) Write down the amount of your annual income:
It doesn't matter whether you use before-tax income or after; you decide. If you don't know how much your annual income will be, make a guess. Perhaps start with last year's income. Don't worry too much about this number. If your circumstances change, you can always adjust the amount of your giving--down or up!

2) Pick a percentage:
Are you new to the idea of proportional giving? Try using the national average of 2.6%. Or if you have been giving for a while, take last year's percentage and try adding 1% to it. Or just pick some other percentage that suits you. You may want to tithe, that is, to give a tenth of what you have received from God back to God. One-tenth! Ten percent! The Bible sets the bar very high--maybe too high for most of us to think about at first.

3) Multiply:
This is your estimate of giving for the year. How do you feel about this number? Is it in proportion to the importance of God in your life? Is it in proportion to the importance of St. Andrew's in your life? How is it in proportion to the other ways you spend money?

Now you are ready to fill out an Estimate of Giving card.

This file is in PDF format, which requires the freely available Adobe Reader in order to view. To download Adobe Reader, please click here.

Then print it out, and put the completed card in the collection plate at a service or mail it to the church at:

St. Andrew's Episcopal Church
232 Durham Rd.
Madison, CT 06443-2451

Thank you for being a generous member of St. Andrew's.