Stewardship at St.Andrew's

At St. Andrew's we affirm that Stewardship is the wise and faithful use of our resources--our time, talent and treasure--that we believe have come to us from God. We are richly blessed with family, friends and this parish community. We celebrate the warmth, joy and caring of the people and programs of St. Andrew's, and the many opportunities for ministry in this place. In grateful thanksgiving for all that God has given us, we affirm our commitment to Jesus Christ and to living the generous life to which we are called.

Members of St. Andrew's are asked to support their church by returning a portion of God's blessings. This is usually done by making a "pledge," your commitment of a certain amount of money to help this faith community grow. Your pledge to St. Andrew's says, "I am a part of this community, and I want to show that this church and its ministry are important to me."

Pledges are most useful when made as year-long commitments. Most people fulfill their pledges in installments, every week or every month, throughout the year. When you declare your commitment it helps St. Andrew's to plan and to allocate for our growing range of ministries.

Many people tell us that they feel deeply rewarded by committing to an intentional program of giving to the church. They say that this kind of giving is a sort of spiritual discipline that helps them feel closer to God, and more closely linked to this faith community, its activities and ministries.

If you want to find out more about Stewardship and the Episcopal Church click here.

If you want to make an intended committment of time, talent, and treasure to St. Andrew's, please start by examining a process to help make your estimate of appropriate giving.