Issue: # 4 January 2013
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Calendar of Events
Financial Update
Pre-School Update
Pray With Us

"The Messenger" is provided to keep you informed regarding the important work being accomplished by our parish. We encourage you to read this newsletter and remain involved in the active life of our church. Feel free to forward this e-mail to friends, family and neighbors and as always invite them in as we stand and act in witness to the life of our Savior Jesus Christ.  Please contact us with any questions or needs you have. 
A Proud Moment for  St. Andrew's and Habitat for Humanity 
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Calendar Highlights
Please check the various calendar highlights in bold red throughout this newsletter and join us for one of the many wonderful advent celebrations we have planned this year. 

Highlight of the Month

 Annual Parish Meeting 


Pot Luck Lunch 

following the 9:15 service on


Sunday January 27, 2013


No 11am Service


Once a year every Episcopal Church holds their annual meeting. This is an opportunity for the entire parish membership to gather and hear about the state of their congregation.  The financial report for the previous year is presented as well as the budget for the new year. In addition to these verbal presentations there are numerous written reports submitted by the various committee chairs describing what their ministry was involved 

with the past year.

We also hold elections for our parish leadership. This year we have five individuals who have agreed to serve on our vestry. It was previously reported to everyone that we only  had four positions open and five candidates for these offices. This would have resulted in someone not be elected. Our vestry discussed this situation at the January vestry meeting and decided to increase the number of people on our vestry from 13 to 14 members. We have the flexibility within our by-laws to have up to 16 members. By taking this action, the vestry made sure that all five candidates would be able to serve.

In order to include all parishioners in this important meeting we are only going to have a single service on January 27th which will be at 9:15 am. This will be a blended music  service so there will be something for everyone! The meeting itself will occur in the sanctuary immediately after the post-communion hymn. At the conclusion of the meeting there will be a final blessing and closing song. Everyone is then invited down to Farmer Hall for a potluck brunch.

We hope to see you at this annual parish gathering!

Music at St. Andrew's 

January 2013


"From the edge of a night lit with hope and promise,

All the heavens are filled with the Glory of God;

From a rough wooden bed in a Stable in Bethlehem,

Shines the light of the world, Alleluia."

- "Shines the Light," Chancel Choir, January 2013


Music in Our Worship:


Every year throughout Epiphany, we celebrate the provocative truth that the light of God's glory shines on and through all people, and we can share Christ's glory together! Much of the music throughout January will reflect these enduring truths. 


On December 30 at 9:15, we will hear our call to "tell it on the mountain" from some of this year's Pageant Participants.


On January 6, our Spirit and Chancel Choirs will still be on leave because of the "Hula Hoops and Halos" Musical and because of the holidays, but we will begin the Epiphany Season with new and familiar liturgies from the Blue Hymnal and from Fran McKendree's liturgies.  


On January 13, our Spirit and Chancel Choirs will begin again in Sunday morning worship.


On January 27, there will be two services (8am, 9:15am) and at the 9:15 we will share together a combined anthem celebrating the Epiphany.


Mark Your Calendars:


7pm Friday, 1/4 and 7pm Saturday, 1/5: "Hula Hoops and Halos" Musical, Presented by St. Andrew's Musicals: It's the '50s, so come join the kids as they hang out at the local diner in this heavenly hit of a musical comedy.  But for Betsy Harding (Meggie Stewart), it's all work and no play. Since her dad passed away, Betsy has her hands full.  Enter Angela (Makayla Portley), a tough-talkin' angel-in-training, sent down to earth to earn her halo. But she seems to create more problems than solving them. Between Angela and Johnny (Nate Peters), the rebel-without-a-clue, Betsy learns about being true to yourself. Come and see our own St. Andrews' teens perform. Questions? Email Joy Weaver, Director of Musicals:


Thursday, 1/10 - Thursday, 1/31: Spirit, Chancel, and Youth Choir Time of Visitation and Open Rehearsal - January rehearsals are open rehearsals. Visitors and prospective members are welcome! See any choir member if you're thinking that this important ministry could be something for you.


6pm Thursday, 1/10: Spirit Choir Rehearsals Resume (every Thursday at 6pm - see church calendar)


7:15pm Thursday, 1/10: Chancel Choir Rehearsals Resume (every Thursday at 7:15pm - see church calendar)


6pm Friday, 1/11: Youth Choir Rehearsals Resume (every other Friday at 6pm - see church calendar). This is also group audition night for prospective youth choir members.


Thursday, 1/31: "Roster Day" for music ministries, when we celebrate and welcome the newest members of our St. Andrew's choirs!


Church School Update

I hope you and your family enjoyed Christmas.  It is a bit nice to have the hustle and bustle over, however I hope you were able to really "settle in" to the spirit of the holiday- at least for a little while! 


In church school, we will be looking at the book of Matthew 3-9:  Jesus' Baptism & the Early Years, Jesus' Teachings (Sermon On the Mount), & Jesus Heals the Sick.


Upcoming events:


MSYG:  There will a Super Bowl Sub Sandwich Sale - more info to come!


A weekend trip is planned for February 1-3 through Wyldlife (YoungLife).  This is a trip for 6th-8th graders, heading to Lake Champion.  FUN will be had by anyone attending!!  Please look at the board in the hallway or email for info.


***Please save books.  We will be having a book drive for Read To Grow, which builds early literacy for CT's children.  They provide books for babies and books for kids.  There will be additional information after the first of the year.




1/11/13 - Youth & Families -Quinnipiac Men's Hockey Game - details to come

1/13/13 - HOME Meeting -7pm-9pm Appeal letters

1/25/13 - HSYG -Youth Activity - save the date

Any questions for any of the events listed please contact


January Birthdays:


Christopher Albert                              Evan Earle

Billy Conroy                                       Jane Merkle-Scotland

Justin Earle                                          Brooke Piccard





Why I Am Involved with 
Habitat for Humanity and Madison Cares?


Madison Cares 

House Number Eight becomes a Home

by Laura Downes


I woke up on Saturday, December 15 to what I felt like was a new world, one with unimaginable heaviness and pain. With Christmas just around the corner, it seemed that nothing would bring joy into my life and nothing should be or could be celebrated.

But it was Dedication Day at Habitat for Humanity of Greater New Haven.  Today four houses in New Haven, including one financially sponsored and built by Madison Cares volunteers, were being presented to their new owners.  I look forward to house dedications at Habitat and Madison Cares because a year's worth of work by volunteers as well as the homeowners is celebrated.   The Habitat process culminates in a joyous, prayerful ceremony, and the owners are "passed the hammer" which represents not only the keys to their home, but also the owner's assuming responsibility for the upkeep of the house.

The four families are first time homeowners with all the pleasures and annoyances that that can bring. But it is a joyful moment. Hard physical labor has taken place, along with worry and much anticipation. Our Madison Cares/Habitat sponsored family consists of mother and father Emma and Alex, and their 7 year old daughter Amaris.   We have heard so much about 6 and 7 year olds this year, and this time, it is a joyful story. Amaris will have a tree in her living room for Christmas.

Habitat homes are a partnership of volunteer effort, financial support from individuals and organizations such as St. Andrew's and hard work and commitment on the part of the new homeowners.  Over the past year Alex and Emma have worked 400 hours building this or other Habitat homes, in order to earn their "down payment". They have signed a no-interest mortgage held by Habitat on which they will immediately be responsible to pay principal, taxes and insurance costs.  They are completely responsible for the upkeep of their home - and they know how because they worked on it from the very beginning. On what was a sad day for our state and our country, there was a little piece of joy.

The story of Alex, Emma and Amaris is why Madison Cares / Habitat is an important part of my life and why numerous members of St. Andrew's continue to be active as volunteers and leaders of the organization.  In one morning, we celebrated four houses, four families, four first-time homeowners. Three families with young children and one older grandmother, who already is the matriarch of the block. Habitat for Humanity of Greater New Haven hopes to shortly acquire several more building lots just down the street from these four homes. What a difference to the neighborhood - and a rewarding experience for all who were a part of this success.  


Financial Update

Treasurer's Report

Through December 31, 2012




December 2012



  Year to Date




Annual Budget


Total Pledges


$ 39,059.97


$ 293,192.06


$ 325,900.95


$ 325,900.95

Transfer from



$   2,573.16


$   16,725.54


$  15,439.00


$  15,439.00


Other Income


$  12,715.82


$   38,929.88


$  30,950.00


$  30,950.00


Total Income


$ 54,348.95


$ 348,847.48


$ 372,289.95


$ 372,289.95










$ 29,037.34


$ 342,162.94


$ 372,289.95


$ 372,289.95










$ 25,311.61


$     6,684.54


 $           0.00


$            0.00


  • The transfer from the endowment listed above is the 4% annual draw that goes to the operating expense. In ADDITION to this amount we withdraw another $2,010.80 each month from the endowment to pay for two outstanding renovation loans we have for the church and rectory.
  • We finished 2012 with a surplus of $6,684.54 The vestry voted to allocate 10% of this surplus to our Outreach Fund and the remainder went to the Building Repair Fund to be used for any building repair or emergencies that we encounter.  


The preschool would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. In January we begin taking enrollment for the fall of 2013. We will continue to offer classes for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarten age children. St. Andrew's families and children already enrolled in the preschool can enroll in January before enrollment is open to the public. If anyone is interested in becoming a member of the Advisory Council please contact Judy


Judy Goldberg, Preschool Director 

Prayful Reflection

Psalm 16

I bless the Lord who gives me counsel;
   in the night also my heart instructs me. 
I keep the Lord always before me;
   because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved. 


Dear Lord and Savior, Father and Teacher to all Children. We come to You in sorrow as we weep for the children and teachers who lost their lives at the Sandy Hook Elementary School.  Please take their gentle souls in your hands and keep them safe from tragedy forever.  Give special blessing to their families, co-workers, friends and neighbors who, now faced with such sadness will have to find a way to continue their journey in faith.   Through Your Grace allow them to keep the memory of those they lost eternal. Through You allow them a way to move towards understanding and forgiveness.  Psalm 69 reads "But I am lowly and in pain; let your salvation, O God, protect me". Hold close our salvation for we are distraught in the sight to this sadness.  Protect us O Lord.  As a community of faith find us tempered in love that is common, comfort that is known and Joy that is Your Name.  Please Lord come to us in our despair. We ask for this in the name of the new angels you have accepted into Your Kingdom. Amen

St. Andrew's Episcopal Church

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