Sermons and Music

Sunday sermons are listed here beginning with our most recently posted sermon. Parishioners who attend the 9:30 service, which may feature a children's sermon, will be able to access the sermon delivered at the other service. Or, if you missed church, just click on one of the links below.

Note: Older sermons have been archived and are posted in PDF format, which requires the freely available Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view. Music and more recent sermons are in MP3 format, which requires an audio player.

Music and Video Sermons
Praise To The Lord, R. Walden Moore, organist
Shines the Light, Sandy Butler & Jaime Polk
For Everyone Born, Jaime Polk, Brenda Naegel and Congregation
Mar 18: 5 Lent, Rev. Shariya Molegoda
Mar 11: 4 Lent, Rev. Shariya Molegoda
Mar 4: 3 Lent, Rev. Rachel Thomas
Feb 25: 2 Lent, Rev. Shariya Molegoda
Feb 18: 1 Lent, Rev. Shariya Molegoda
Feb 4: 5 Epiphany, Rev. Shariya Molegoda
Jan 28: 4 Epiphany, Grant Underwood
Jan 21: 3 Epiphany, Rt. Rev. Ian Douglas
Jan 14: 2 Epiphany, Rev. Shariya Molegoda
Jan 7: Epiphany, Rev. Shariya Molegoda
One Voice, Laura Miller and Choir
This Little Light of Mine
Alleluiah, He Is Coming
Refugee Song, Steve VanNess
Oceans, Laura Miller and Jaime Polk
Kids Sing Songs Learned in Arts Camp video
Refugee Song, Steve VanNess
How Can I Keep from Singing
Our Father in Heaven
Child of God
Child of God
Cassie Moore Plays Bartok video
"Romanian Folk Dances" by Bartok
, Cassie Moore
Violin Partita No. 3 in E Major by J. S. Bach, Cassie Moore
Dec 24: Christmas Eve, Rev. Shariya Molegoda
Dec 24: Advent 4, Rev. Shariya Molegoda
Dec 20: Taize Advent, John Armstrong, Advent Reflection
Dec 17: Advent 3, Rev. Shariya Molegoda
Dec 10: Advent 2, Rev. Shariya Molegoda
Dec 3: Advent 1, Rev. Shariya Molegoda
Nov 26: Christ the King, Rev. Shariya Molegoda
Nov 19: St. Andrew's Day, Rev. Shariya Molegoda
Nov 12: Pentecost 23, Rev. Shariya Molegoda
Nov 5: All Saints' Sunday, Rev. Shariya Molegoda
Oct 29: Stewardship Sunday, John Armstrong
Oct 22: Pentecost 20, Mark Auletta
Oct 22: Pentecost 20, Sarah Auletta
Oct 22: Pentecost 20, Kristen Garnett
Oct 22: Pentecost 20, Laura Downes
Oct 15: Pentecost 19, Reese Puchalski & Rebecca Rastetter
Oct 15: Pentecost 19, Gary Naegel
Oct 8: Pentecost 18, David Mikus
Sep 24: Pentecost 16, Rev. Shariya Molegoda
Sep 17: Pentecost 15, Rev. Shariya Molegoda
Sep 10: Pentecost 14, Rev. Shariya Molegoda
Sep 3: Pentecost 13, Rev. Shariya Molegoda
Aug 27: Pentecost 12, Rev. Shariya Molegoda
Aug 20: Pentecost 11, Rev. Shariya Molegoda
Aug 6: Pentecost 9, Rev. Shariya Molegoda
July 30: Pentecost 8, Rev. Shariya Molegoda
July 16: H.O.M.E. Teenage Missioners Report Back
July 9: Pentecost 5, John Armstrong
July 2: Pentecost 4, Rev. Lynda Tyson
June 25: Pentecost 3, Rev. Esther Chuboff
June 18: Pentecost 2, Rev. Esther Chuboff
June 11: Trinity Sunday, Rev. Shariya Molegoda
May 28: Ascension Sunday, Rev. Shariya Molegoda
May 21: Easter 6, Ashley Makar, IRIS
Apr 16: Easter, Rev. Shariya Molegoda
Apr 2: Lent 5, Martha Hoffman, Call to Care Uganda
Mar 29: Renewal of Ministry, Bishop Ian Douglas
Mar 26: Lent 4, Rev. Shariya Molegoda
Mar 19: Lent 3, Rev. Shariya Molegoda
Mar 12: Lent 2, Rev. Shariya Molegoda
Mar 5: Lent 1, Rev. Shariya Molegoda
Mar 1: Ash Wednesday, Rev. Shariya Molegoda
Feb 26: Last Sunday after Epiphany, Rev. Shariya Molegoda
Feb 19: 7th Epiphany, Rev. Shariya Molegoda
Feb 12: 6th Epiphany, Rev. Shariya Molegoda
Feb 5: 5th Epiphany, Rev. Shariya Molegoda
Jan 29: 4th Epiphany, Rev. Shariya Molegoda
Jan 22: 3rd Epiphany, Rev. Shariya Molegoda
Jan 15: 2nd Epiphany, Rev. Shariya Molegoda
Jan 8: 1st Epiphany, Rev. Shariya Molegoda
Jan 1: Feast of the Holy Name, Rev. Shariya Molegoda
Holiday Fair Video
Music at St. Andrew's Video
Breath of Heaven, Amanda Hayward & Jaime Polk
Luke 2:1-20, Rev. Molegoda
I Never Wanted to be Born, by John Bell read by John Armstrong
Fill My Cup, Grant Underwood & Congregation
Luke 6:20-31, Rev. Molegoda
Holy Is Your Name, Mariah Barroso
Faith by SteveVanNess, Steve VanNess
River in Judea, Spirit & Chancel Choir
Open Table, Candace Naegel Harrod, Brenda Naegel, Annette Naegel
Lord of the Small, Rebecca Rastetter
Oceans Will Part, Olivia Nye, Cassie Moore, Jess Baycroft
El Shaddai, Kelly Webster
Breathe On Me, Breath of God
Taize-Tenebrae Service
  Lord, Hear My Prayer
  Stay with Me
  Ube Caritas
  Veni, Sancte, Spititus
  Jesus, Remember Me
  Bless the Lord
  Wait for the Lord
Even Here, Reese Puchalski
Reading from Isaiah

Dec 24: Christmas Eve, Rev. Shariya Molegoda
Dec 11: Advent 3, Rev. Shariya Molegoda
Dec 4: Advent 2, Rev. Shariya Molegoda
Nov 27: Advent 1, Rev. Shariya Molegoda
Nov 20: Christ the King Sunday, Rev. Shariya Molegoda
Nov 20: Christ the King Sunday, John Armstrong
Nov 13: St. Andrew's Day, Rev. Shariya Molegoda
Nov 6: All Saints' Sunday, Rev. Shariya Molegoda
Oct 23: Pentecost 23, Rev. Ann Broomell
Oct 23: Sleeping On the Green, Evan, Justin, Luke and Joe
Oct 16: Pentecost 22, Rev. Ann Broomell
Oct 9: Pentecost 21, Rev. Ann Broomell
Oct 2: Blessing of the Animals, Rev. Ann Broomell
Sep 25: Pentecost 19, Rev. Ann Broomell
Sep 18: Pentecost 18, Rev. Ann Broomell
Sep 11: Pentecost 17, Rev. Ann Broomell
August 28: Pentecost 15, Rev. Linda Smith-Criddle
August 21: Pentecost 14, Rev. Linda Smith-Criddle
August 7: Pentecost 12, Rev. Linda Smith-Criddle
July 31: Pentecost 11, Mother Jenni
July 24: Pentecost 10, Mother Jenni
June 26: Pentecost 6, Mother Jenni
May 29: Pentecost 2, John Armstrong
May 22: Trinity Sunday, Mother Jenni
May 15: Pentecost, Mother Jenni
May 1: Easter 6, Mother Jenni
April 24: Easter 5, Mother Jenni
April 10: Easter 3, Mary Merkle
March 27: Easter Sunday, Mother Jenni
March 20: Palm Sunday, Mother Jenni
March 13: Lent 5, Mother Jenni
February 28: Lent 3, John Armstrong
February 21: Lent 2 (Scout Sunday), Olivia Nye
February 7: Last Epiphany, Mother Jenni
January 31: 4th Epiphany, Mother Jenni
January 24: 3rd Epiphany, Esther Chuboff
January 17: 2nd Epiphany, Mother Jenni
January 10: 1st Epiphany, Mother Jenni
January 3: 2nd Christmas, Mother Jenni
Rejoice Greatly, Jaime Polk & Amanda Hayward
Fourth Sunday in Advent video
First Sunday in Advent video
St. Andrew's Day video
Teens Talk About Mission video
Kids Reflect: A Night on the Green
Gaudeamus Hodie, Sr. Youth Choir
Prayer of St. Francis, led by Katie Wilker
Glorify Your Name, Reese Puchalski & Mariah Barroso
Great Is The Lord, Jane Golden
I The Lord of Sea and Sky, Alan Miller, saxophone
Spirit Song
Bible Jeopardy
Spirit, I Have Heard You Calling
For the Beauty of the Earth
Easter Sermon: Fr. Steve video
Taize Tenebrae Service
  Lord Hear My Prayer
  Stay with Me
  Ubi Caritas
  Veni Sancte Spiritus
  Come to Me
  Jesus Remember Me
  Bless the Lord
  Wait for the Lord
True Light
How Good It Is: Combined Choirs
I Give It All to Thee: Angela Clemmons
Remembrance of Ray Rensis
December 20: 4th Advent, Mother Jenni
December 6: 2nd Advent, Mother Jenni
November 29: 1st Advent, Mother Jenni
November 22: St. Andrew's Day, Mother Jenni
October 4: Blessing of the Animals, Mother Jenni
September 27: Pentecost 18, Mother Jenni
September 20: Pentecost 17, Mother Jenni
September 13: Pentecost 16, Mother Jenni
September 6: Pentecost 15, Mother Jenni
August 30: Pentecost 14, Mother Jenni
August 23: Pentecost 13, Mother Jenni
August 9: Pentecost 11, Mother Jenni
August 2: Pentecost 10, Mother Jenni
July 26: Pentecost 9, Mother Jenni
July 19: Pentecost 8, Mother Jenni
July 12: Pentecost 7, John Armstrong
July 5: Pentecost 6, Fr. Steve
June 28: Pentecost 5, Esther Chuboff
June 21: Pentecost 4, Fr Steve
June 14: Pentecost 3, Fr Steve
June 7: Pentecost 2, Fr Steve
May 24: Pentecost, Fr Steve
May 17: Easter 7, Fr Steve
May 10: Easter 6, Children's Homily
May 10: 6th Sunday in Easter, Fr Steve
May 3: 5th Sunday in Easter, Tim Hodapp
May 3: 5th Sunday in Easter, Fr. Steve
April 26: 4th Sunday in Easter
April 19: Easter 3, Children's Homily
April 19: 3rd Sunday in Easter, Fr Steve
April 12: 2nd Sunday in Easter, Fr Steve
April 5: Easter, Fr Steve
April 4: Great Vigil of Easter, Fr Steve
April 3: Good Friday, Fr Steve
Mar 29: Palm Sunday, Fr Steve
Mar 22: 5th Sunday in Lent, Fr Steve
Mar 15: 4th Sunday in Lent, Fr Steve
Mar 8: 3rd Sunday in Lent, Fr Steve
Mar 1: 2nd Sunday in Lent, Fr Steve
Feb 22: 1st Sunday in Lent, Fr Steve
Feb 22: Scouts Olivia Nye and Chris Cheslog
Feb 18: Ash Wednesday, Fr Steve
Feb 8: 5th Epiphany, Fr Steve
Feb 1: 4th Epiphany, Fr Steve
Jan 25: 3rd Epiphany, Fr Steve & Hannah Kraus
Jan 18: 2nd Epiphany
Jan 11: Baptism of Jesus
Homily: Funeral of Roger Cyrus
Homily: Funeral of Ray Rensis
Jan 4: Epiphany
"Best Christmas Pageant Ever" video
Advent Blessing: Bishop Ian Douglas
Lighting of Advent Candle: Katie Wilker
On Eagle's Wings: Naegel & Underwood
Un Pan, Un Cuerpo: Megan Sesma
Forgiveness, by Steve Van Ness
I The Lord of Sea and Sky
Christ Has Broken Down the Wall
Glory To You
Apostle's Creed
This Is the Body of Christ
Place at theTable
Hark! I Hear the Harps Eternal
Good Friday Service of Music
What Wondrous Love Is This
Pie Jesu
O Bone, Jesu
Seufer, Tranen, Kummer, Not
Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley
Canticle of Simeon
Service of Tenebrae
Taize at Service of Tenebrae
Three Choirs American Concert
Bluegrass Mass
Ching-A-Ring Chaw
At The River
I Hear the Harps Eternal
Song of Democracy
My Soul's Been Anchored in the Lord
Sunday Services
This Child
Holy, Holy, Holy
Lord's Prayer
This Is the Body of Christ
March of the Kings
Dramatic Performances
"Are We There Yet?" Musical Video
Dec 28, 2014, 1st Christmas
Dec 24, 2014, Christmas Eve
Dec 21, 2014, 4th Advent
Dec 14, 2014, 3rd Advent - Bishop Douglas
Dec 7, 2014, 2nd Advent
Nov 30, 2014, 1st Advent
Nov 23, 2014, St. Andrew's Day
Nov 16, 2014, 23rd Day In Pentecost
Nov 2, 2014, All Saints Day
Oct 26, 2014, Children's Sermon
Oct 19, 2014, 19th Sunday in Pentecost
Oct 12, 2014, 18th Sunday in Pentecost
Oct 5, 2014, 17th Sunday in Pentecost
Sep 28, 2014, 16th Sunday in Pentecost
Sep 21, 2014, 15th Sunday in Pentecost
Sep 14, 2014, 14th Sunday in Pentecost
Sep 7, 2014, 13th Sunday in Pentecost--Children's sermon
Sep 7, 2014, 13th Sunday in Pentecost
Aug 31, 2014, 12th Sunday in Pentecost - Esther Chuboff
Aug 24, 2014, 11th Sunday in Pentecost
Aug 17, 2014, 10th Sunday in Pentecost
Aug 10, 2014, 9th Sunday in Pentecost
Aug 3, 2014, 8th Sunday in Pentecost - Esther Chuboff
July 13, 2014, 5th Sunday in Pentecost
July 6, 2014, 4th Sunday in Pentecost - Esther Chuboff
June 29, 2014, 3rd Sunday in Pentecost
June 22, 2014, 2nd Sunday in Pentecost
June 15, 2014, Trinity Sunday
June 8, 2014, Pentecost
June 1, 2014, 7th Sunday in Easter
May 25, 2014, 6th Sunday in Easter
May 18, 2014, 5th Sunday in Easter
May 11, 2014, 4th Sunday in Easter
May 4 2014, 3rd Sunday in Easter - Audrey Scanlon
April 27, 2014, 2nd Sunday in Easter
April 20, 2014, Easter
April 18, 2014, Good Friday
April 17, 2014, Maundy Thursday
April 13, 2014, Palm Sunday
April 6, 2014, 5th Sunday in Lent
March 30, 2014, 4th Sunday in Lent
March 23, 2014, 3rd Sunday in Lent
March 16, 2014, 2nd Sunday in Lent
March 9, 2014, 1st Sunday in Lent
March 2, 2014, Last Sunday After Epiphany
February 23, 2014, Seventh Sunday After Epiphany
February 16, 2014, Sixth Sunday After Epiphany
February 9, 2014, Fifth Sunday After Epiphany
February 2, 2014, Fourth Sunday After Epiphany
January 26, 2014, Third Sunday After Epiphany
January 19, 2014, Second Sunday After Epiphany
January 12, 2014, Baptism of Our Lord
January 5, 2014, Second Christmas

Christmas Pageant Video
Ave Maria Video
Advent Concert Video
Second Advent Children's Homily
First Advent Children's Homily
St. Andrew's Day Children's Homily
South African Creed
Communion Hymn
Lord's Prayer
Thank You, Lord
Holy, Holy, Holy
Santo, Sando, Santo
Youth Choir & Mothers: Love Is A Special Thing
Scripture Readings Easter 4
"Saved the Day" - Spirit Choir
Confirmation Class Gives Back
Audio format
December 29, 2013, First Christmas
December 24, 2013, Christmas Eve
December 22, 2013, Fourth Advent
December 15, 2013, Third Advent
December 8, 2013, Second Advent
December 1, 2013, First Advent
November 24, 2013, St. Andrews Day
November 17, 2013, Twenty-Sixth Pentecost
November 10, 2013, Twenty-Fifth Pentecost
November 3, 2013, All Saints Day
October 27, 2013, Twenty-Third Pentecost
October 20, 2013, Twenty-Second Pentecost
October 13, 2013, Twenty-First Pentecost
October 6, 2013, Twentieth Pentecost
September 29, 2013, Nineteenth Pentecost
September 22, 2013, Eighteenth Pentecost
September 15, 2013, Seventeenth Pentecost
September 8, 2013, Sixteenth Pentecost
September 1, 2013, Fifteenth Pentecost
August 11, 2013, Twelfth Pentecost
August 4, 2013, Eleventh Pentecost
July 28, 2013, Tenth Pentecost
July 14, 2013, Eighth Pentecost
June 23, 2013, Fifth Pentecost
June 9, 2013, Third Pentecost
June 2, 2013, Second Pentecost
May 26, 2013, Trinity Sunday--Marilyn Anderson
May 19, 2013, Pentecost
May 12, 2013, 7th Sunday of Easter
May 5, 2013, 6th Sunday of Easter
April 28, 2013, 5th Sunday of Easter
April 14, 2013, 3rd Sunday of Easter
March 31, 2013, Easter
March 30, 2013, Great Vigil of Easter
March 29, 2013, Good Friday
March 24, 2013, Palm Sunday
March 17, 2013, Lent 5

PDF format

July 7, 2013, 7th Pentecost
June 30, 2013, 6th Pentecost