St. Andrew’s Vision Statement

Growing Together in God’s Love

We are called by the gospel to continue to expand the Kingdom of God. We at St. Andrew’s are truly blessed with a vibrant, growing Spirit-filled parish family that makes a real impact on the lives and spirituality of our community. The vision presented here is built upon the faith that we can, together with the Holy Spirit, continue to impact our parish and local and global communities through ever-expanding offerings and programs. Our vision is to continue to do God’s will by growing our church in three specific areas: our Community, our Mission and our Faith. To support these areas, we will need significant growth in our church’s resources.

In Growing our Community, we will continually expand the impact that St. Andrew’s has on the fellowship of our parishioners and our place in the local community. Specifically, our vision is to:
In Growing our Faith, we will offer significantly more spiritual development for our parishioners. Our vision is to: In Growing our Mission, St. Andrew’s will be consistently outwardly focused on the needs of the local community, nation and the world. Specifically, our vision is to: In order to make our vision a reality, we will need to Grow our Resources, specifically: