Creation Care

Environmental Stewardship

At St. Andrew’s, we strive to be faithful stewards of God’s creation. In addition to our passion for environmental justice for all, we have taken the following actions to lighten our environmental footprint in our church home:

Zero-waste Events

We are pleased to support the concept of “zero waste events” at St. Andrew’s Church with our weekly coffee hour and at annual events involving food and refreshments such as the Annual Meeting and 12th Night Dinner and Musical Review. This has been made possible through the use of our commercial dishwasher for coffee mugs, plates, bowls, and flatware along with the use of washable table cloths and napkins, and the mindful use of food preparation and the re-use of decorations. Where appropriate, some items are recycled in designated containers rather than going into the general waste stream.

Energy Reduction

All of the overhead lighting units in Farmer Hall, the kitchen, bathrooms, the Sacristy, and classrooms in the school wing were replaced with low wattage energy saving LED light fixtures to help mitigate our electrical consumption. In 2008, we replaced oil fired furnaces in the church and rectory with natural gas units reducing carbon emissions into the air.

Solar Panels

In the spring of 2019, we installed a 28.5 KW photo electric panel grid over the south facing roof of the main church building and entrance. In the first year, this system has generated over 21 MWh which is equivalent to saving nearly 33,000 pounds of CO2 and planting 830 trees. The clean energy generated by this system helps replaces some of the energy that we annually purchase.